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How To Repair Or Replace A Broken Sprinkler Pipe Using Compression Couplings

When your sprinkler pipes are first being put into the ground during that very first instaliation, the joints are probably going to be installed using  solvent comment fittings. That being said, when you are trying to put on a new piece of pipe to repair a broken segment this is probably going to be a lot harder. What makes it so hard is that the sprinkler pipe is already in the ground and cannot easily be moved around to create

How To Replace A Broken Sprinkler Head

There are many causes that can render a sprinkler head useless or broken on your in-ground watering system. Often times issues are caused by dirt, grass clippings, or any other type of material getting stuck and damaging the sprinkler heads. You may have even ran over the head with a lawn mower. In my case, I simply purchased the house from a lazy old man who did not want to spend the time or money for an incredibly easy fix.