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How To Remove An Old Shower Head

Removing an old shower head and replacing it with a new one is something anyone can do and is extremely easy! All that you have to do is unscrew the connection and replace the head making sure it will not leak in the future!

The first step to removing your old shower head is to simply try and unscrew the old head on the shower arm with your hands. If that is not working or something is stuck, then you may

How To Remove And Replace A Stuck Shower Arm

When we first moved in to our fixer upper house, after all that moving, I was looking forward to taking a nice long shower. Unfortunately, the shower of the shower was pointed UPWARD making taking a shower with any shower head very very awkward.

Removing a shower arm is typically very easy, but after I tried simply untwisting the stuck shower arm from the wall, it became obvious this had been in the wall for a good 40+ years and was