About Us

Welcome to DIY Insiders – A journey through buying your first house and building an empire!

Here are DIY Insiders, we want to be able to help you through any issue that might come up at home, no matter how small or insignificant it may be, we want to provide the answer. No matter if you are looking to skim coat the ugly walls that the 86 year old man you bought your house from left behind, or you simply want to find a good BBQ for the back deck, we will help you along the way.

Hello, my name is Neil!

DIY Insiders was my idea of actually documenting everything that my girlfriend and I learn along the way of renovating our first home!

While I may not be the most handy or experienced in the world of DIY, I plan to learn and grow more experienced. As I grow my skills and add value to our house, I also plan to build a business along the way.

You see, although you will never see a mention to it here on DIY Insiders, I have built a successful internet company with my business partner and good friend from half way across the world. After explosive growth, I finally decided it was time to stop putting up with the hassles of renting.

We were both sick and tired of hearing the washing machines shake the walls after a long day. We were probably more annoyed at “Niagara falls”, or the 18 trillion showers that the neighbors above us seemed to take each and every day. Enough was enough!

After a few months of searching, we found a house that we would soon call home. The house needs work, a LOT of it. After all, it was purchased from an 86 year old man with Parkinsons Disease (more on that later). Even though the house needed work, and updating… we were sold as soon as we walked out onto the back deck and saw open space behind us that could never be developed. On top of that, check out what is steps out of my back yard…

I may not be that handy… yet, but I am pretty confident I can figure things out. I invite everyone to come along on the journey from novice to someone who is confident in any do it yourself project you may find yourself in.


I mentioned in the very beginning that this was going to be a journey through buying a first house, but I also mentioned building an empire.

Real estate has always been something that I have wanted to get into. This has always been at the back of my mind as a “retirement plan”.

Instead of saving money and living off that money when I get older, I want to simply be making enough money in retirement that it doesn’t matter. Putting it simply, I want to make my money WORK during these years, so that it continues working into “retirement”.

For that reason, I hope to successfully grow DIY Insiders into a business that can both help you accomplish your goals as well as mine!

At some point in the future, this very site might be purchasing my very first rental.

Join me on the journey of learning and exploration!

~ Neil